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Here’s what people are saying about Doris Brendel!

‘Doris Brendel has some freaking pipes! My Gawd, is she the ghost of Janis Joplin? She is awesome!’ (FOX FM)

‘Upside Down World is a modern White Album.’ (Art Rock)

‘If I had to sum up Upside Down World in one word I would use phenomenal, I have just placed it on top of the list for ‘album of the decade’. Need I say more, Upside Down World creates a new benchmark in modern rock. ‘10/10 (ROCK N ROLL REPORT)

‘Brendel’s female competition is very very remote with this vocal performance.’ (Lords of Metal)

”‘Doris Brendel remains unpredictable, wilful, funny, powerful, devastating, melancholy and a hundred other things, often several of them at once.  (Echoes & Dust)

Doris Brendel is largely recognised as one of the most innovative alternative artists of the last decade encompassing alternative and progressive rock, pop, blues, celtic, singer-songwriter and world influences and appealing to the ‘intelligent alternative music fan’. With her unique and distinctive husky voice she stands out in a league of her own. If you are a fan of original artists, such as Kate Bush, Bjork, Janis Joplin, Jethro Tull, Sam Brown, Marillion, Skunk Ananse and more, this is an essential artist for your collection.

Brendel has toured with Marillion and Wishbone Ash amongst others, is supporting Fish both with her band and as backing vocalist once again on his forthcoming UK and European tours in 2020.

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