Doris Brendel & Lee Dunham – Live at the Robin 2, Bilston 2019

FREE LIVE GIG! 75 minutes of their live performance recorded in April 2019. 

Spend the evening going to a gig….. in your living room!

If you missed any of the recent Doris Brendel shows with ‘That Joe Payne’ you can feel like you were there! Perhaps you live abroad, or the venues were simply too far away; or maybe you weren’t feeling well or your budgie was sneezing. Or maybe you were there and want to relive the moment!

Whatever the reason, Bilston is live on Youtube, courtesy of Alan Cope, who decided he wanted to have a go at filming a gig. This was the first time he’s used several cameras, so we don’t want to hear any complaints about the footage or quality!! 

We’re not charging you for this video, though if you would like to donate a small amount to go towards the 4 days of editing, that would be hugely appreciated! Any donations will go towards the next album (which we are working on).

Just click the link below to receive your video links. And as I said – this video is FREE – so if you don’t want to donate anything just email me ( or enter £0.01 into the Paypal link an click ‘next’. Alternatively enter any donation you fancy. Video links are not automated – so please be patient! I will check in regularly and make sure to send you the links via email.

Many many thanks in advance! Every penny helps, so your support is hugely appreciated.

Doris xx