Everyone Needs a Dave…

Computer Repair Man

It’s true. We all need a Dave from time to time.

I do know my limitations. There are just some things in life I’m not very good at. Fixing cars is a no-no. DIY in general; electrics; plumbing. Bloke stuff. If anything like that needs doing I call a man who can. Why torment myself doing something slowly and badly, when I can pay for someone to do it well and quickly!

I’ve also employed gardeners – I have the opposite of green thumbs, whatever they are (blue? black?) and even cleaners when I’ve been particularly busy. Fabulous.

Now when it comes to computers I generally try the DIY route first, and about 70% of the time I manage to sort out the problem. After all it’s so easy to google forums and sites which often tell you how to do the bits you haven’t had to deal with before.

So when I received a ‘your site has been hacked’ message from my provider the other evening, I geared myself up to a night in front of the computer. I could see that all of the pages were affected with alien lines of code popping up all over the place. Not a good look. Worryingly the invasion stopped me from logging in to the site.

But helpfully the provider sent some links on how to best deal with the problem. I dutifully checked them out. Ok. Here we go. Just follow the recipe. I soon realised that the recipe consisted of ingredients not just currently absent from the cupboard, but completely unheard of. I know Asda don’t stock CGI vulnerabilities, and though I have spotted the odd FTP in the ‘World’ section, I doubt even Waitrose stock an SSH.

When googling what on earth an SSH was, I read that apparently I needed some encryption software, readily available from some dodgy looking sites with huge disclaimers everywhere and in a dizzying array of variations. A bit like browsing the most obscure shelves of the Polish shop where nothing has been translated into English.

At this stage I realised that this was beyond my skills. Way beyond. I needed a man who can. And I found… a Dave. The joy and reassurance of that voice on the phone tripping off computer speak like a native. ‘Yes’ – he said, ‘It’s a big job. The code has to be stripped on every page & it’ll take much of the day.’ And he promised to secure it and set it up to stop it from happening again. Well it may all be a bit of a posh boutique you never expected to visit, but I’ll be getting the store card.

Everyone needs a Dave.



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