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chubby+coupleBeing a fan of the weird and wonderful, I occasionally take a glance at the ‘alternative’ news stories on offer, and today I came across one which did make me chuckle. It was an article in the Mirror covering some of the more niche dating sites.

Now I appreciate that dating sites are here to stay and that many people seem to have had great success with this method of finding their perfect partner. But I am having a little trouble not sniggering at some of the sites jumping on this bandwagon. I think most of us have come across some of these being advertised on TV – Uniform dating for example. Is a uniform really the be all and end all of blissful harmony? Perhaps for some…

But it seems this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dating sites. If you’re particularly fond of beards, you can now choose from over 25,000 whiskery hopefuls waiting for your call. There is ‘Equestrian Cupid’ for those who wish to share their horse-mania. There’s even a ‘Gluten-free Love’ site, so that you never have to unwittingly break your dietary code.

Goths will rejoice with their own dating site. You can now specify head studs, piercings and tattoos. But it gets stranger. The ‘Part-Time Love’ site’s strap line is: ‘Meaningful romance without every day commitment’. Isn’t that another way of saying ‘affair’?

‘Women Behind Bars’ is a site dedicated for US inmates who, for a small fee, can meet ‘female pen-pals’, in other words deranged women who no doubt believe they can change a homicidal maniac into a loving partner.

‘Amish Dating’ was somehow perplexing. Is it just me, or did I imagine that Amish people shun technology? How are they supposed to log on to check out each others’ profiles? And don’t most of them live in Utah? They could just throw a barn dance or something…

Even stranger – a site entitled ‘Clown Passions’. Is a clown fetish a big thing? I think I’ve met more people who run away from them. But I guess if you’ve been searching for that perfect clown you now know where to go.

Now this one really made me laugh:- ‘Sea Captain Date’. The picture attached was so ridiculous, I just had to visit the site. And oh boy! It seems to sport one success story.

CaptainThere’s even a video of the happy mariner. And a few pictures of equally grizzled and weather worn individuals hoping to find a lady who will agree to have sex in return for an eternal cruise. Go for it boys!

Now – if you’re very rich, and presumably rather ugly and boring, you can now attract a suitable gold digger by signing up to the Super Car Dating site. The strap line is : ‘If you have a supercar and want to show it off, or to meet someone who only loves you for your vehicle, join here.’ You may want to leave your self respect in the glove department.

The most disturbing one is ‘STI Dating’. Yes really. Strap lines include: ‘You are not alone’, and ‘Find love, support and hope.’. OK – this makes sense if you have aids for example. So why is there a section for thrush? And wouldn’t a trip to the health clinic be a first stop?

There seems to be a whole collection of dating sites for obese people. This includes a site called ‘Fat Slags’ and also ‘Fat Bastard Dating’. I really think some people are from a different planet. There’s also an ‘Ugly Shmucks’ site for the facially challenged.

So what’s next? Now I haven’t done a complete search on dating sites, and I’m sure I have missed some gems. There are bound to be pet related ones. Cat/ dog lovers etc. I wonder how far that goes. Iguana love? Skunk sniffers?

As always I would love to hear your stories about anything dating site related. Maybe you met your significant other on one of these sites…….?

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