How Not To Get Signed!

Bad singerMany people dream of getting signed to a record label, and being part of Sky-Rocket Records I have had some extraordinary applicants! So I thought I would put together a light-hearted how-not-to guide if you’re after that big deal….


  1. Ask for a phone audition
  2. Have no original material
  3. Believe everything you hear on X-Factor
  4. Think you’re a great singer because your mum told you so
  5. Use a bad quality home-made live video to promote yourself
  6. Believe you’ll be picked for a major project without ever having performed live
  7. Make extraordinary demands before being signed
  8. Expect to earn money
  9. Get aggressive with A&R for ignoring you
  10. Ask for advice and then get really snitty because you don’t like it
  11. Mention your criminal record for paedophilia
  12. Tell the A&R people that their previous signings are shit
  13. Put a cartoon of Mohammed on your album cover
  14. Sing with a lisp
  15. Have the personality of a dead frog
  16. Have a row with your band mates in front of A&R
  17. Expect to be a HUGE star the second your album comes out
  18. Truly believe you’re much better than the thousands of other hopefuls who can’t sing

I’m sure you will think of lots more ways to put off a record company, and I would love to hear them!

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