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The discussion du jours seems to be about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder following an off-hand comment by an interviewee that she rather likes her cleaning OCD. This sparked some outrage by severe OCD sufferers who felt this was making light of a serious condition.

Personally I think this is a bit of an overreaction. And no – I’m not belittling the debilitating side of it. I had a lodger some years ago who was extremely afflicted, washing his hands almost continuously and unable to touch the bin.

But I do think we’re all just a little bit mental. And generally it’s a good thing! It’s what makes us different, what gives us personality, drive. I definitely have OC when it comes to work. Note I left off the D, as I don’t see it as a disorder. It’s that compulsive obsession to finish what I started. Whether it’s writing a song, doing accounts, organising projects, putting things in order. It has made me a supremely organised person! I look back at some of the things I’ve done and marvel at my tenacity. To the point of thinking ‘I must have been mad to take that on!’.

Like the happy OC cleaner, I’m a happy OC worker. The downside? Well, ask my partner. When I’m in work mode I ain’t stopping for anything and no-one. Go and amuse yourself & I’ll be with you when I’m done.

I actually find myself getting on with and admiring other OC workers. Lee Dunham, for example, is very much like that. He will spend all day in the studio, tweaking and listening and changing and tidying. Definitely OC. And he’s like that with pretty much anything he sets his mind to. Let’s face it – to achieve anything in life takes practice and dedication, whether academic or artistic. So those with OC tend to be higher achievers.

Rather than a fine line between ‘healthy’ and ‘mad’, there’s a fairly thick grey band in which many of us find ourselves. You’ll find eccentrics, achievers, creatives. And lots of quirks. It may be unplugging all the plugs everytime you leave the house; counting certain actions, having to have symmetry in life. It’s only when it runs your life that it becomes a ‘disorder’.

I do wish I had just a little of the cleaning & tidying OC. My place is a mess.

Would love to hear your thoughts and stories as usual!


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