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TechnophobeSomething rather unexpected happened a couple of weeks ago. A chap wanted to buy some of my albums and asked if he could pay by cheque! It made me realise that I hadn’t seen a cheque for about 2 years, and I wondered what sort of person was still using them with so many easier alternatives.

I’m of course writing as one of the generations who was not brought up with computers. At my school there was 1 computer behind a locked door and only 2 kids were learning about coding, which wasn’t even a subject, and they never talked about it. No-one had mobile phones. We were at the mercy of the red box pay phones, hoping they hadn’t been vandalised lately.

I never even used a computer until I was in my late 20s, when I got a temporary job in a design agency and they had an Apple Mac. Well… I loved it! It was very clunky compared to computers of today, but I knew I had to have one, and when I left the job I bought my first PC. I never looked back. For an organised control freak like me, it opened so many doors to efficiency, and when internet banking came in I cracked open a bottle of champagne. At last! Not having to deal with the spotty teenagers at the bank who can’t follow instructions more often than not! Heaven.

Strangely, I do not consider myself a ‘techie’. I never rush out to buy the latest gadgets. I get them a few years later when they’ve come down in price and have had the bugs ironed out. I consider myself a ‘Practo-phile’ (woohoo – I’ve made up a new word) – I learn about whatever is practical as a means to an end. If something doesn’t fulfil an immediate practical end, I don’t even look at it. As opposed to many people I know, who endlessly browse through all the latest apps for the sake of it. If there’s something I want to achieve I will google it and find out what I need to achieve it.

So I guess I fall into that grey area between Technophobe and Phile. A true Technophobe has a horror of delving into anything computerised. My mother was one of those! I remember buying her a video player as she always fell asleep during her favourite programmes. I wrote out idiot proof instructions (make sure it’s plugged in..) and set it all up for her. She never ever used it. Though she did manage to get a few extra TV channels through it, so it wasn’t a complete wasted effort.

I think quite a lot of people now fall into the grey area. I feel particularly sorry for those who were in the computer business 10-20 years ago, and knew everything there was to know, only to find that things have moved on so much that they’re knowledge is now completely defunct.

Well – just in case you don’t know which category you fall into, I thought I’d do a magazine style quiz, and you can get your very own Techno score! See how you do:


Pick the answers closest in describing you.

Q1 – Your phone

A. I only have a landline, thank you very much
B. I always have the very latest model phone
C. I have a basic mobile, calls only really
D. I have a smart phone

Q2 – Your computer

A. I don’t have a computer
B. I try to have the latest models, PC/Mac, tablet & Laptop
C. I have a computer, but it’s quite old
D. I replace my computer every few years, though not necessarily top of the range
E. I build my own

Q3 – Banking

A. I go to the bank/post office in person. Can’t be too careful.
B. Credit card, Contactless, online, phone banking – it’s all good
C. I use Paypal and online when necessary
D. Regularly use online transactions and banking

Q4 – Websites & Blogs

A. I do not have a website. What’s a blog?
B. I have a modern website, designed for me by a reputable company
C. I have a basic website though it’s a bit out of date/ Don’t need a website. I do write blogs, but mostly on social media
D. I build my own websites/ blog pages using some of the easy website programmes available
E. I programme my sites from scratch

Q5 – Social Media

A. I go on Facebook/Twitter occasionally. Sometimes not for months..
B. I have profiles on all the major social media sites and check in several times a day. I particularly like to tweet about my latest gadgets!
C. I like social media. I can see what my friends are up to.
D. Social Media is great! Lots of interesting stuff going on. I check in very regularly.
E. I use social media for advertising, promotions & regularly check demographic and audience reports.

Q6 – TV & films

A. My aerial still works fine. Anyway, I like the BBC.
B. Top of the range cable package. Massive flat screen. Linked up to everything. Bring some beers & I’ll show you.
C. Basic cable package/ free box. Only so much telly you can watch.
D. Basic cable package, flat screen & linked up to laptop to watch films.
E. TV completely integrated with computer – watch anything anytime.

Q7 – Email

A. Hate it. I use my phone, failing that Facebook.
B. Email linked to all devices, including car. Voice activated compositions. Cloud back up.
C. Emails are useful and saves sending letters. Forget to check my inbox a lot though.
D. I use email every day! Vital for logging conversations and great for sending invoices too.
E. I use advanced email packages, including auto-responders.

Q8 – Music

A. Vinyl’s best. Do have a CD player though. Hate downloads!
B. Computer’s linked up to top of the range speakers. But also have top of the range CD player & record deck.
C. Tend to use my old CD player to listen to music. But downloads are ok to find new music.
D. Most of my music is digital now. Saves so much space. Decent speakers or headphones. Only buy CDs when it’s really special.

Q9 – Sending documents

A. Post. Duh.
B. Voice activated cloud transfer.
C. I try to send via email where possible. Don’t always get it right.
D. Email of course! Instant, easy and saves postage costs.

Q10 – Searches

A. I use the Yellow Pages or Thomson directory.
B. Advanced option on search engines
C. I use search engines, though I don’t always find what I’m looking for & find it a bit frustrating
D. Search engines are amazing! You can find answers for almost everything, find company reviews, spot scams and so much more.
E. I’ve built my own search engine….


OK – I think that’s enough for analysis! Time to add up your scores:

A = 1 point  B = 4 points  C = 2 points  D = 3 points  E = 5 points (where available)

10-14 Points – TECHNOBOTTOM

Yes. You’re a complete technophobe. You try to avoid modern technology whenever you can and wish you could turn back the clock.

15-22 Points – TECHNODIP

You’re not a complete technophobe, but you’re not entirely comfortable with modern gadgets either. You use them when you have to.

23-34 Points – TECHNOSENSE

You’re a healthy techno user. You’re interested but not driven to paroxysms of excitement by new technology. You use it to suit your needs without emptying your bank account in the process.

35-40 Points – TECHNONUT

You’re a serious techno consumer! I dread to think how much money you spend on all this stuff. You have embraced technology in a BIG way.

41-46 Points – TECHNOGENIUS

Ok. You really know your stuff. You’re the kind of person who eats code for breakfast and loves a good spread sheet.


Hope you enjoyed the quiz! xxx



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